6 tips for dance beginners

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Whether wanting to go have a drink or meet new people, dancing is a major part of most social outings. As such being a rock star on the dance floor is definitely a plus when it comes to your outer appearance in a club. But that does not mean that being bad at it will automatically make you an outcast, regardless on how uncoordinated it seems. Nonetheless, to be a good dancer implies a few practices that one may need to take into account when it comes to improving oneself, but it isn’t as hard as you might imagine.

Remember your posture

One of the greatest assets a good dancer has is a good posture. Straightening your back, rolling back the shoulders and giving off a dignified air not only gives you more confidence but can also improve the view of others. Improving how you look can make it seem like you are not as self-conscious about your moves as much are and can improve how you move as well. Not only keeping your body in a confident position can help, but eye contact plays a major role as well. Looking at your feet can stress your mind as you fret over every move you make. Instead, look into your partner’s eyes or change eye contact between friends or random people on the dance floor. This way not only you will improve the relationship with those around you, but it can prevent you from overthinking things and relax your movement.

Rhythm is key

Though posture is important when it comes on how you look on the dance floor, feeling the beat is as important, if not more. Making sure that you can sense the music will naturally give you more movement possibilities but can also subconsciously induce the best moves for the song or situation. Listen closely and make sure that you sync with the song and try to keep a certain beat in your moves. The basic dance moves one can learn is a two-step. Though keep in mind that clubs have a high pace rhythm, and as such, its best that you take a 4 beats approach, doing the two-step move every two beats, for example taking 1 2 3 4 beats, move either on the first and third beat, or the second and the fourth beat. It will give a sense of routine and it works for most songs played.

Practice, and practice some more

Sometimes you may get the feel that nothing seems to work, and as such the sensation you get may be the opposite of what it was expected. Therefore, if the results wanted are unsatisfactory and you want to have more prominent results sometimes its better to simply practice. Get yourself in front of a mirror, put one of the more popular songs online or one that you remember it was played over and over in the club in the background and start practicing the moves slowly. It may not seem simple and it may cut some of your free time, but the results will speak for themselves next time you go dancing.

Don’t aspire for the best

Unless the world dancing cup is a dream you had as a child, there is no need to overly exert and try to aim much higher than it is necessary. Simply moving back and forth and a little practicing can improve your moves by leaps and bounds. To make a mistake or two is what it makes one a human, and no one will blame you if you stray away from the beat or trip yourself. All that is important is that you have fun, as that is the main purpose for going out dancing is in the first place. Mosh pits are not your goal or being the center of attention. Just make sure everyone has a smile on their face and, at the end of the day, there is a smile on your face.

Take a class

Sometimes its better to admit that you have two left feet. Its natural, no one is a dance master as soon as they start moving on beat and it can add to the mental pressure experienced by a lack of self-confidence. Getting self-conscious is normal, but if one really wants to escape that feeling, sometimes its better to seek professional help. Taking a dance class is not bad, as it can give a better understanding of the basics and help solve some self-confidence issues. No one will start laughing for it and some may actually admire you for having the guts to go to such a course, admitting that you lack ability in that domain.

Keep at it

Its extremely easy to feel discouraged in the beginning, as the improvements are small, and it seems as the moves come off worse than before. But its necessary that you keep at it, as one sooner or later the effort put in will pay off and will get you to a point where difficult dance moves become possible. But for this to happen, perseverance is key. Getting discouraged and giving up may seem easy, but they are the worst decision to make when trying to improve yourself. Though a natural reaction to the difficulties imposed, striving for the better means dedication and time, especially when it comes to how you view you, and how others see you.

Trying to get better is a natural as no one is born a master. Even geniuses have to practice and work to keep being at the peak, so you can’t give up either. Though practice is important and giving it all may seem hard, try to remember that the most important is your mental state. Constantly wanting to improve yourself and not giving up is the way to go, and while dancing its better to have a smile on your face, than a constantly worried face. Constantly making eye contact and keeping a straight back makes the difference 90% percent of the time, so have fun and try not to step on any feet in the way.

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Dance Beginners-hollywood-los-angeles
Subject: 6 tips for dance beginners
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