Tips Getting An Acting Agent For Your Child Actor


Build a profile online for your child actor

You should be responsible for creating and running the profile of your child online. Begin by completing a resume and upload the best photos of your child actor (kid actor) on a credible networking site.

Interact with everyone

Do not be picky when talking to people. You might speak to someone who is unaware of your ideas but knows someone that can help. Networking is a crucial process in getting an agent for your child. Consider it like looking for a job; you have to interact with people.

Keep off pessimists

You will get all kind of reactions and negative advice from people who think acting is a waste of time. In fact, most people will explain to you how this will distract your child from school and won’t be worth it. Don’t stop to listen to any of these people, keep focusing. There will be challenges but that should not mean you quit.


Before you submit your research, you should be specific with the agency. Be sure to research the policies of the agency and its structures before submitting the research. Go through the agency’s website and read everything from the company history to the number of employees. Go through the positive and negative reviews.

Headshot for your child actor

It is important to engage a professional headshot; it is a huge step for an actor’s calling card. This shows the seriousness in investing in the acting program, both on the child and parent’s side.

Make sure you read the submission policy

Some agencies ask applicants to submit their details online; others prefer sending emails. Be careful with the instructions. Check whether the agency policy allows you to call or visit.


You are bound to be turned down by several agencies, do not give up. Success in acting for your kid is dependent on your persistence.

Interviewing with a talent agency

If an agent calls and requests to meet you in person, you are a step ahead. Find out the directions early enough and familiarize with different modes of transport. Showing up late on the first meeting with an agent is a wrong impression that could jeopardize your goals. Be sure to carry copies of your child’s documents any necessary documents.

Ask Questions

Don’t be intimidated or too anxious; while you should take the interview seriously like when you want a job, be sure to ask the interviewer questions. Here are some suggestions of what to ask the interviewer;

  • Can you tell me about my child’s talent?

  • Is there anything am expected to do?

  • Who is the representative of my child?

  • Do you have any actors similar to my child? How many?

  • How do you plan to direct my child’s talent?

  • Do you have any clients currently?

  • What are your actors working on for the last 6 months?

Be ready to commit

The audition frequency varies; several weeks can pass without any audition but in some cases, the auditions can be as much as 3 times a week. You need to be flexible and ready to commit to any of the schedules for the effectiveness of the process. The agents often make sure parents are at an audition before the schedule a child; you need to commit your time and availability whenever there is an audition. Remember that the agents and your kid can only receive the monetary benefits if your child gets booked. Audition time also varies; sometimes it takes 20 minutes but some auditions can extend to 3 hours.

Have fun!

Consider it an adventure and enjoy!

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