Audition tips for beginner actors

Audition Beginner Actors - Victor Davoody

When you’re starting your acting career, you will have to get to a lot of auditions in order to get the part. Acting profession is full with stressful auditions, rejections, and hard projects. The path to becoming a big name is the acting industry is very difficult and performing well on your auditions may give you the advantage in front of your competition. There are some useful tips that can help you seal the deal and get your first acting job.

Introduce yourself.

You may think this goes without saying, but many people forget to introduce themselves when they walk in to an audition. The main cause for this is because you’re nervous, and that’s completely understandable. But being nervous doesn’t give you the right not to be polite. Make sure you make a proper introduction, tell them why you’re there and what will you perform. Also, don’t be too polite and try to be too friendly with the producers. Your relationship is strictly professional, and it should stay like that.

Be prepared.

If you’re planning to go to an audition for a certain part, don’t limit yourself to perform just the thing the producers want. Be ready to perform all kind of things, such as singing, dancing, monologues, and others. That will show that you’re flexible and that you can be counted on.

Learn your lines well.

Remember, you’re competing with a lot of people, and the last thing you need is to forget your lines and get confused. If you do forget your lines, panicking would be the next mistake. Try to focus, stay in your character and try to remember your lines. If you bounce back on track you will look good because that’s showing you can overcome unexpected situations and find a way out of them. Choose the material you wish to prepare carefully and perform it in the best possible way. If you leave a good first impression your chances to get hired will be much greater.

Improve your body language.

As an actor, your body is your tool for work, so it’s very important that you use it as much as you can. You have to match your lines with your body and your facial expressions. You have to convince the producers that you’re the right person for the job, and you can do it only if you fully commit. Of course, you don’t have to exaggerate but the more movement you bring into your performance, the better you will look.

Accept the critique.

When you’re on an audition, the producers might have some specific advice or a request considering your character that you will have to perform. Also, maybe something you do might not be satisfactory for them. If you get into a situation like that, accept those advice and try to follow them. That will show not only you have respect for authority, but also that you can act fast in unknown situations. Also, some of the tips you hear there may come useful, if not for the current audition, then for some other in the future.

Be original.

In acting, you have to portray other characters, but that doesn’t mean you should lose yourself. Don’t try to imitate others, try to bring something original and refreshing into the project. If you do something specific that no one else has done, your chances of getting the part are increasing.

Learn to deal with rejections.

Acting is a tough job. You can experience a lot of rejections before you finally get hired. This shouldn’t discourage you. Rejecting is a part of the job, and if you’re maybe not suited for one particular part, the others await, so keep your head up and move forward.

Use your space.

When you’re auditioning, you’re already on the scene. Don’t make a mistake and just telling your lines standing in one place. You should use the whole stage, as much as you can. Move around using the space that’s given to you.

Get close to the audience.

If you’re nervous, you may want to stand further from the edge of the stage. That is a mistake. No matter how nervous you are, you have to be confident and step up. If you’re too far away from the people who are deciding will you get the job or not, they can’t see you or hear you well. If that is the case, they can’t asses your performance, and you most likely won’t get the job.

Avoid using audience in your scenes.

The audience in auditions is the people who will decide to hire you or not. Their job is not to play your partners on the scene, so you should avoid using them in your performance. Of course there’s an exception where they ask from you to use them.

Adjust yourself to the size of the room.

Auditions are sometimes held in small rooms and sometimes in big theaters. You have to adjust your performance and especially the tone of your voice with the size of the room. You will look bad if you shout in a small room and also if the producers can’t hear you. Make sure you’re heard and remembered.

The things you always have to keep in mind are that there’s no easy way to success. You will have to deal with a lot of bad news before you get a good one. Let your motivation guide you and never give up on your dreams, follow them even in your darkest moments and know that many famous actors got rejected at the start of their careers but they never quit, so you shouldn’t quit either.


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Audition Beginner Actors - Victor Davoody
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