Fashion Models, modeling tips and advice

Fashion Models, tips and advice | By Victor Davoody

Modeling is one of the most attractive jobs young people want to do. To be successful in it you have to have a good look, to be charismatic and friendly and many other things. Hopefully some of the tips that will be mentioned here will help you in your modeling career and provide some basic information that will be helpful.

Find a modeling agency.

The first step of becoming a model is to find a good modeling agency. Agency should be friendly and helpful towards you and they should always protect your interests. Your first modeling agency can in great way determine your future in modeling. If you are insecure or have question about modeling, the agency should provide you answers and you should feel safe with them, like there’s someone who is watching for you.

You have to be prepared for modeling world.

You have to be aware that modeling is a harsh job and it won’t have mercy if you show weaknesses and if you’re insecure. If you’re well prepared for things that expect you, your attitude will be right from the start and you will be able to overcome any obstacle that might stand in your way.

You have to take care of your look.

As a model, your look is your biggest weapon so you have to take care of it very much. That means you have to live healthy, to exercise and to get enough sleep. You should avoid stress and conflicts because that also has effect on your look, especially in long term.

Foreign languages.

Be preparing to learn foreign languages. Like in other fields, in modeling English language is the most used one. But you shouldn’t get comfortable even if English is your native language. As you probably already know some of the biggest fashion brands come from Europe, from France and Italy for example. Knowing some foreign languages, or at least some basics, will give you much more opportunities.

Be patient.

You should know that success doesn’t come over night. Patience is one of your biggest allies in this business. You have to build your reputation through some smaller projects and fashion shows. If you’re looking for a shortcut to success, you won’t find it here. Work your way up slowly and have faith in yourself and your work.

Be confident.

You can’t hope to be successful model if you don’t believe in yourself. You have to be confident that you can make big things in this industry. If you feel bad and demotivated you can always seek comfort or advice from your family and friends.

Be ready to change.

In modeling and fashion things are changing very fast, and you have to be ready to change as well. You have to be trendy and modern all the time in order to be competitive with other models. Don’t worry; these changes are always making you better.

You have to be friendly.

You will meet many new people during your modeling career so you have to learn how to be pleasant and friendly with them. You will also meet many important people in fashion industry and they can be very important for your career so you have to make sure you leave a very good first impression.

Set your goals.

Fulfilling your goals and make your dreams come true should be the main motivation for you to succeed in this business. Don’t try to make a quick earning because you will most likely fail. If you dream to become a big name in this industry just follow this dream and you will have no problems.


Make you sure you practice as often you can. Practicing is making ever job perfect and that also applies to modeling. It may seem easy when you see it on television but once you try to do it yourself, you will realize that is not the case. Even if you are experienced model practice won’t harm you.

Be punctual.

No one likes to wait, especially these days when every minute counts and costs. Make sure that you always come on time to meetings, rehearsals and especially on fashion shows. Punctuality gives the impression that you are a responsible person who can be counted on.

Organize your time.

Schedule for model is very crowded and you will have to learn how to organize your time to avoid having problems with the day being too short for you. It’s a good idea to have a planner where you can write down all things you have to do in a certain day. Like this you will also avoid to forget something important. Spare time and resting are also very important so you can have a balance in life. Even though you committed yourself to modeling, you have to keep your private life and your friends and family because they are very important for you. On your days off try to relax, spend time with your loved ones and just rest and gather your strength for the job ahead of you.

Travel light.

When you are a model your life will be filled with professional trips. You may find yourself on the road most of the time, so it’s necessary to prepare your luggage in advance to avoid rushing. Make sure to pack everything you may need but don’t overburden yourself with unnecessary things that you will never use. Big luggage will only slow you down when you have to be quick and punctual.

Modeling isn’t easy. It required dedication and many sacrifices, but it also gives you big satisfaction. You have to be on your toes, to overcome any difficulties on your way and nothing can stop you from being a role model for millions of people.

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