A Guide To Being A Great Emcee

Subject: A Guide To Being A Great Emcee
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You’re the funniest and most charismatic member of the family and now your niece has just asked you to emcee her Scarborough wedding. The joke about the priest and the rabbi gets lots of chuckles at the family reunion but it just won’t do in front of 300 wedding reception guests. The following are a few pointers and suggestions on how to make an entertaining Scarborough wedding reception.

Know the Order of Events

It is imperative that you know beforehand all the important events which will take place during the wedding reception and when each one will occur in Scarborough wedding reception.

Be Knowledgeable Make it a point to know every member of the wedding entourage, by name. Especially if there is to be a receiving line, familiarizing yourself with each member of the party becomes extremely important in your Scarborough wedding party. Be Engaging Get the audience involved in the entertainment. Have a few guests offer a toast to the bride and groom in your Scarborough wedding.

Be Enthusiastic

You don’t have to be deliriously funny or charismatic but a huge smile and a hearty laugh goes a long way in a Scarborough wedding party. Take note as to how well the guests receive your joke or story in your Scarborough wedding party. If, after you’ve told your best joke, you can hear a pin drop – you’ll know it’s time to move on. Know Your Limits Even though you are the master or mistress of ceremonies at your Scarborough wedding, it does not mean you have to announce every single aspect throughout the course of the wedding reception. While you should announce that the bride and groom are now going to cut the cake in your Scarborough party, you should not have to point out that Uncle Darrell has just gone up to the buffet table for the third time in your Scarborough wedding party.