How to make a music career in Hollywood

Subject: How to make a music career in Hollywood
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Are you an aspiring singer who wishes to pursue singing as a career? Do you want to be a successful singer in Hollywood? The Answer is most certainly yes, it is the most likely reason you are reading this article. A musician is a person who sings melodious tunes accompanied by lyrics (songs) for a living. It is a profession especially for people who have the talent for it. Regardless of this requirement, there is still a large number of musicians hoping to make it big in Hollywood – the biggest industry for whatever you have to offer. Pursuing a music career in Hollywood entails more than just having a good voice, there are a lot of factors that come into play here.

Having clarified that, it is very difficult to explain how to become renowned in the industry but I would jump in and provide a few guidelines for you.

Practice and Develop.

Yes! You have the voice but without honing it, you might as well be brilliant without reading. Practice everywhere; take the chance to sing at events or gatherings you are if the opportunity arises and ask them to rate you. Let your family and friends know you are a singer; let them be your first audience.

Rehearse at any opportunity you get; in the shower, while cooking, while in the toilet; literarily at any free moment you can get.

Training lesson.

Every successful musician in Hollywood has at one point or the other undergone some sort of training at one point in time. This training lessons can be categorized thus:

  • Hire a coach: – Hiring professionals to teach you how to go about building your career is perhaps the best decision you can make. These professionals already know what it takes to attain stardom. They specialize in all the intricacies of singing and such would know how best you can work your voice. He/she would also be best equipped on how to perform on a stage

  • Voice training: – this involves treating your voice with certain treatment remedies and natural medicine to maintain its quality.

  • Go to Music school: This is an optional choice but it gives you a good place to start your career from.

Social Media and the Internet as a whole.

As a musician, you should not depend only on social media. Unlike other industries, there is only so much you can do with it. You have to be ready to expand; make songs and share it on platforms people from all over the world can access, download or listen to it online as they so choose.

The social media can then be used to spread awareness of your works and market your songs. Don’t be after the monetary gains since you are just starting up. Take the time to build your fan base! It is very vital for your growth in the industry.

Audition and get yourself a contract.

Being in the music industry affords you the opportunity of auditioning as much as you want. There are always auditions for singers created by Record labels. The most important thing to ensure you win over these record labels is by creating an unforgettable moment in the mind of the judges present; you have to be able to move them into having a positive opinion about you.

These record labels manage your career for you and provide you opportunities to be successful in your career.

Make your songs and covers for popular songs.

Cover for popular songs means re-singing songs in front of a live audience or just to pass around on social media. Since you are not the musician who owns rights to the song, your main objective for doing it is to make yourself known to the world. Fans tend to check out covers of their favorite song no matter how well known the artist who did the cover is. It helps you boost your reputation and expand your fan base. Make lots and lots of covers for fantastic songs; the key here is to ensure you do not produce more covers than your own entire song album.

Making your own songs is also important; it increases your credibility. The fans you have already won over need some of your personal creations (songs) to keep them hooked or at least enough to remember you by. These songs of yours can be a blend of different genres.


I have to say, as long as Hollywood is concerned, you have to network there is no other way of saying it. Music is a business as much as we would like to say it isn’t. Music is all about marketing and having the influence of pulling large crowds.

The best way to network in the music industry is to advertise, connect yourself with the professionals and market yourself. Make collaborations with artists who are just starting to make waves in the industry; it would help propel your career too. Build relationships with Disc jockeys (DJs), Music producers, marketers, fellow musicians, etc. if you want your career to come into the spotlight.

Make a foolproof plan.

It is wise to always plan for eventualities. This is where a lot of aspiring artists make mistakes the later come to rue. Do not join them in casting all your eggs in one basket. Becoming successful in the music industry is not something that happens overnight – even though it happens once in a while – don’t make the mistake of depending solely on your “just budding” music career a means of footing your bills when you can always have alternative means of income.

It goes without saying that it is also advantageous to have an educational background. This would only add more weight to your credentials. Being learned before venturing into the music industry a big addition.

How to make a music career in Hollywood ǀ Tips for musicians.
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