How to Get Your Pet into Acting

How to Get Your Pet into Acting

Subject: How to Get Your Pet into Acting
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Do you want your pet to be the next Hollywood pet star? With cameras flashing around him everywhere he goes in his fur stole? But how to train your pet to be the next star or at least get into a commercial or two?

Being a pet owner, undeniably your pet would be the cutest one in the entire world for you. What steps should you take to turn that into a popular opinion? With a hint of sophistication and the following steps, your pet may become the next Lassie. Don’t be too hard on him and just enjoy the process.


Your pet must be trained to obey your commands, with or without a leash. Obedience is essential for him to perform. You can work on those rope walking elegance of models. But it is not important as if he is well controlled and listening when unleashed, he has chances of wooing the directors.

Strike a Pose

Take a little peek inside your pockets to choose between professional photos or random well-lit photos on your own. Capture a few photos that reflect well your pet’s personality. With the right pictures that accentuate the essence of your pet, you can strike a deal by striking the right pose!

Finding an Agent

Contact an animal advertising agency who are experienced in promoting animal actor. An agent increases your pet’s chance at stardom. The agency builds up your links with the TV, film and commercials clients. Trusting any agency with your precious little pet and his set of qualities, requires you to research well of its potential to get the doors open for your pet to the acting world.

Right Marketing

Your agent would know how to go around showing off the precious thing. Taking him to the right places and competitions. As much as he is visible, there is a chance of his falling into the sight of right eyes. Training again comes into play here, wherever you take your pet he should be trained well to not jump off the fence of elegance and sophistication.

Getting Used to the Camera

It is not just humans who have to get accustomed to cameras, an animal actor has to be as much serious about the flashes and clicking! Teach your dog to prepare himself for camera any and everywhere he goes. He should be obedient and learned enough to get a catch from your commands.

Set goals for your pet and climb the ladder accordingly. Before you begin the training sessions and the journey to fame for your animal actor, keep in mind that not every pet is made for the acting world. He might be the most amazing and cute pet for you and maybe for everyone, don’t get too obsessed with the task to force a fish into climbing a tree.

Live the whole journey to the fullest because you are about to witness how much more lovable your pet can get!


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