6 style and fashion tips for men

Subject: 6 style and fashion tips for men
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As a man, it may seem sometimes that you have things easy when it comes to clothing as most situations can be solved with jeans and a t-shirt. But reality may not be as forgiving or as easygoing as it seems, as style plays out a major part in how we are viewed by the world, as well as how we view the world ourselves, even if we do it by accident or not. As such, it is better to keep in mind that, instead of doing things halfheartedly, maybe it’s better to put some effort into how you look, as for how you look may dictate how well you do in the grand scheme of life.

Value yourself

First and foremost, nothing, no matter how shiny or sparkly or expensive it is can improve how you look if you don’t have self-confidence. Fifty percent of how you look is dictated by your posture and, as a result, having a poor posture can, not only create health problems later on but affect your psychological state as well as how others view you. Even if you wore your best clothes, if you don’t know how to present yourself in them you may come off as unradiant and as such have the opposite effect. It is said that clothes make the man, and that is true, but you need to remember that you play a part in that as well.

Level up your clothes

It’s due time you gave up on wearing the same 10 t-shirts every time and started thinking more mature, as you are no longer a youngster without a worry in the world, capable of making mistakes fearing only mommy’s disappointment, but have grown into a full-fledged adult and you need to act like it. Instead of ripped jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies, go for a more mature approach, consisting in well fitted casual button downs or long-sleeved sweaters, as they give off the air of a man gone through life, that respects himself. Sports or polo shirts are other choices for when the weather allows it. Moreover, instead of the constant sports shoes that seems comfortable and appealing, go for some improvement and choose dress shoes as the air they give off is truly worthy of the phrase ‘you can judge a man by his shoes’. No one says you have to throw your old clothes away but limit their use to household only.

Take care of your clothing

Nothing reeks more of immature or irresponsible than a crumbled shirt or pants. To make sure that others see you as a respect-worthy person you need to prove that you can be mature and that you take care and pride in how you look. Therefore, keeping your clothes clean and tidy is the way to go. Nonetheless, another major part of it is the fit. Having great outfits is fine, but those outfits need to fit your body type. If something looks good, but can’t be adjusted to fit you properly, perhaps it’s not a good choice for you. Go for clothes that fit your size and don’t go for oversize, as it most definitely won’t work.

Choose quality, not quantity

Finding out there is a huge sale at the store you go is definitely good news, as you may find the chance to add one or two clothes to your existing ones, improving your wardrobe. Keep in mind though that getting over excited and buying a lot is not the way to go. No matter how interesting a piece may be, you must make sure that it suits not only with what you have so far, but with your role in society as well, and as such, try to value the quality of clothes, instead of the quantity they come in. Sometimes it’s much better to have 3 good sweaters than 15 not so good t-shirts. Trying them is not going to hurt anyone though so you can have your fun.

Own a suit

Not just any suit, get a well-fitted suit. If you can get it from a tailor it’s perfect, but even so try to acquire a suit that is on your size, and one that you look good in it. As you grow older, there will be situations when a good suit might come in handy. Perhaps you get a job interview at that one company you always dreamt of working, or you have to hold an interview in front of a bunch of reporters, or your brother or sister are getting married and you need to look exemplary. Situations come and go, but a good suit will follow you through every one of them each time, making sure that you are not the odd one out in those particular times.

Don’t get too fashionable

No one says you can’t be interested in what the trends are nowadays but try to keep in mind that you have outgrown the period where such trends would amaze everyone. Wearing a weird cap with a low-cut t-shirt, ripped jeans and a boney medallion may look good on the teenager you, but it most certainly won’t look good on the adult you. Keep in mind that you have outgrown that age and it’s time to start acting as you’ve grown.

Getting transitioned into the life of adults can be hard when it comes to adapting to that certain way of living, especially so when the crossing is seemingly unnoticeable. But sometimes it’s better to step back and have a good look at where you stand. It may seem pointless, but it can give you a general idea of what you should do, based on what you are actually doing.

Author Name: Victor Davoody
Author URL: https://www.victordavoody.com


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