Tips and advice for the beginner actors

Subject: Tips and advice for the beginner actors
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Being an actor requires a lot of commitment, effort and often physical transformation. If you dream to become an actor one day, or you already are one at the beginning of your career, these tips and advice will be useful for you.

Join the drama section.

If you’re looking to become an actor your goal is to get as much experience you can. Joining a drama club or section can give you much needed experience, practice and useful advices for the future. Even if it’s on an amateur level, you will still learn some acting basics that will benefit you greatly in the future. Also, you will probably appear in smaller plays and projects and that’s your chance to get noticed. In these drama sections you often get to travel and meet new people who are also trying to be actors so you can exchange your opinions, get some new advices or just meet new friends who have the same interests as you.

Formal education.

Many people say that talent is the most important part of becoming an actor. That is correct but you should think about some formal and professional education. That will definitely help you further on in your career. There you can learn a lot about different approaches, acting techniques, you will be able to practice and your mistakes will be pointed out to you. Formal education is not necessary for becoming an actor, but it’s highly valuated and it can definitely help you in your career.

Get in front of the camera.

This is probably easier to say than to get it done but it’s also very important. To be in front of the camera you don’t have to be in a big blockbusters and similar things. When you’re starting your career, every appearance in front of the cameras is pure gold. That can be commercials, or you can be an extra in movies and similar things. These days, many documentaries makers like to recreate the scenes from the past. That is a perfect opportunity for beginner actors to make an appearance. In those roles there are very few dialogues, or none, so you won’t have to bother to learn the lines. This experience can also prepare you for your future project and you can get used to being in front of the camera.

Work on your talents.

You may have great talent, but if you don’t nurture it you won’t get anywhere. Your talent is no excuse for not working on yourself and to try to improve your skills. Try to watch and learn from other actors, to take advice from others and constantly try to make yourself better. Alongside acting there are many disciplines that go with it. For example, playing an instrument, dancing, and singing. Try to get better in some of those things because that can bring you or take away your next job. This also involves learning new things that you didn’t know before. Being an actor requires constant work on yourself and your skills. Remember, your main goal is to be loved by your audience, and audience can get bored easily. You can’t expect to perform the same things and to use the same techniques in all your roles and to be successful.

Try to get noticed.

When it comes to acting, reputation has a big importance when it comes to getting a job. You should try to really get into acting world. What does that mean? You should go, as often you can, to a movie and play premiers, acting workshops and similar events. There you can meet people from acting industry like producers, writers and directors. You can introduce yourself, letting them know you’re an actor and that you’re available for their next projects. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can be pushy and annoying, that will just create an opposite effect. Also, by attending all those events, you can see for yourself how things work in acting industry and find your place in that big empire.

Create your own projects.

Very important thing when it comes to acting is initiative. Acting is not like other jobs where you can just pick up a newspaper and browse through ads, or look up on the internet an opportunity to be hired as an actor. In acting things are a bit different. You can come across auditions but that’s just a small step towards getting an acting job. What you need to do, is to take some steps yourself and not to wait an opportunity to fall from the sky. How can you do that? Well, in this modern age your options are numerous. For instance, you just need a camera, that ever smartphone has, and you are good to go. You can film yourself in a video log type; you can make short documentaries, YouTube videos and many other things. Just pick the subject that works best for you and be on your way. This will additionally boost your confidence, you will have your small audience that will see you, and you will get much needed screen time. If you have talents in writing, why don’t you write your own screenplay? Sure, it won’t be perfect at first, but eventually you will get better and much more appreciated in acting community if you’re able to create something from scratch.

Often times you will think that all your efforts are in vain and that you’re struggling for nothing. Don’t fall down at the first obstacle, stand up and keep moving forward. In the end, everyone gets what he deserves, so if you’re persistent and determined you will succeed.

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