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Country:United States
State / Province:California
City:Los Angeles
Zip/Postal Code:90013
Company Name:Storyboards by D Dan Murphy
Contact Person:D. Dan Murphy
Work Phone:213-447-5413

Hi! My name is D. Dan Murphy. I love film and I love drawing. Put the two together and you have a passion for storyboarding. You are a filmmaker with a script, a cast, and a film crew. You have a location for a finite period of time. Time is money and the clock is ticking. You want to communicate to your D.P., your 1st A.C., and your 1st A.D. the directions for the next shot…as fast as you can. How do you do that? With storyboards!

Call or text me. I can travel to your worksite with pencil and paper in hand. I’ll make drawings that facilitate your specific directions. I’m here to help.