▸   Follow the steps:

1) View the Front Page categories outline to find your category group and main category arrangement.

For example:
Category Group:  a) – ACTORS / MODELS / DANCERS / SINGERS
Main Category: Actors | Actresses

2) Are you a new member or an existing member?

New Members: Click on the “Publish Your Page” button on the top menu to create your account, then click “Next” >> You will be redirected to select a category page.
Existing Members: Click on the “Publish Your Page” button on the top menu under your user name dropdown. You will be redirected to select a category page.

3) Select (one) your category group & Click>>

a) – Acting / Modeling / Dancing / Singing
b) – Film / TV Production, Post & Crew
c) – Photography / Videography
d) – Music
e) – Art / Artists / Artisans
f) – Theatrical
g) – Book / Article / Blog
h) – Makeup / Beauty / Cosmetic
i) – Fashion / Styling / Design
j) – Fitness / Health / Therapy
k) – Event / Limousine / Luxury Cars
l) – Marketing / PR / Web / Computer
m) – AI Services
n) – Business / Law / Money / Real Estate
o) – Artist 411 / Personal Services

4) Main categories drop-down will appear.

5) Now select (one) your main category & Click Go>>

▸   You’ll have the option of inserting more related categories in the form of key terms in the next step.

6) Fill in each field on the submission form. Required fields are denoted by a *. You’ll have the option of adding photos at this time, wait till the images have been completely uploaded & select a package. Click Continue>>

7) Take this time to review your listing before submitting. You will still be able to make edits at a later time through your dashboard (Edit My Page). Read the Terms of Use & Conditions. Click Continue>>

8) Submit payment through our secure payment system. You can pay by credit or debit card.

9)   Your page will be available in real-time or after was approved by our team.

▸   Once your page is approved, we suggest you check the dashboard to ensure it has been displayed to your liking. You can now edit if necessary.