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The Pay method and security

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Our Website and security

We have applied some of the best security measures available to maintain your safety using our website. We follow policies and procedures that will protect against unauthorized access. However, while we do our best to police this site and use the latest technology to secure it, our users should always be cautious and use their best judgment. Our site is armed with a private and secured linking method for users to make connections through our system. Providing your contact information (Not recommended) is completely unnecessary unless you are planning to take your business outside Hollywood Connections Center (MyHollywoodPage.com). If you see any Listing or job posting that looks suspicious, please let us know immediately.

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Member’s communication method

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Password Security

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  • Change your password often.

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Unsuccessful Login Attempts

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IP Address

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How do I make sure an offer is safe or legit?

  • Use Google to research the company or person offering.

  • In case of an audition or interview, check the location of the interview or audition. If it’s in a hotel or bar, or at someone’s house, that should raise some red flags.

  • Take a friend, parent, or colleague with you to the meetings.

  • Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to anything that you aren’t comfortable doing.

  •  Always read contracts carefully before signing them.

Is this email from Hollywood Connections Center (MyHollywoodPage.com)?

Unfortunately, a scammer may email you and either pretend to be from Hollywood Connections Center (MyHollywoodPage.com), or contact you through the site with a special (and fake) offer. Here is a sign of a scam email:

  • The person sending the email is asking you for money.

  • If you receive an email that you’re not sure about, please contact us. Do not deal with the person directly.

What if I’m offered a role in another country?

Hollywood Connections Center (MyHollywoodPage.com) has opportunities that are open to members all around the world. If you accept a role in another country, make sure you do your homework first to check it is genuine and also obtain the appropriate work visas.

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Avoiding Scams and Phishing

While we do our best to police this site and remove any listings that are scams or attempts at phishing information from users, our users should always be cautious and use their best judgment connecting to others.

Hollywood Connections Center (MyHollywoodPage.com) only requires an email when registering for the site.

Your page can be communicated by a registered private connection designed by Hollywood Connections Center (MyHollywoodPage.com), which is not visible to the public. Your private email, phone, and address… are not required.